Alright, after I named my baby blog here, I realized that the title might require some explanation. Get used to that, and feel free to ask questions.

Jeez-o-petes is a phrase I’m pretty sure I picked up from my dad (Big Earl) early on in life. It’s a nice way to get across the idea of “Holy Shitballs!” without cursing, and I think it’s a lot more original than “cheese n’ crackers.” And yes, Wedding Crashers was on tv the other night, which is how I just pulled the cheese n’ crackers out of, well, wherever it came from.

But I digress. When I first moved to Florida from Michigan, everyone thought I sounded so much like a northerner. Now that I’ve been down here for a few years, the twang is gone from most words (other than, apparently, “you know” and “closet.” I know. Go figure.), but jeez-o-petes continues to be something that comes naturally from me (and is probably one of the nicer utterances that comes so naturally) and still sounds like me.

Jeez-o-petes is indicative of the part of my personality that existed years ago and refuses to go away. And, I hope it never does. I hope that when I’m 89 years old, my famous last words are jeez-o-petes. Because, by then, everything I do will be famous, right?

Also, jeez-o-petes is NOT easy to type, which I didn’t consider until this was all set up. Seriously. Try it.