I’m at my mom and dad’s house with the hubby and the hounds, and we took a walk around the neighborhood and we saw all these dead, dried out frogs in the street. Well, we saw them, the dogs tried to eat them. Same thing.

Anyway, we had some storms recently, so I think these were Suicide Frogs. Have you seen them? It’s crazy! During storms, all these little frogs go jumping into the road, directly into your car, so there’s no chance you’ll miss them.

What’s the problem? Are the frogs so depressed from all the rain that they just want to end it? “Oh, God, make the rain stop! I can’t take it anymore!” SPLAT. Actually, splatsplatsplat because there are, like, 50 of them all doing it at the same time.

Or maybe there’s a frog cult, and they believe that storms are a sign from the Great Ribbet that it’s croaking time. It would probably be hard for frogs to get their hands (feet?) on cyanide kool-aid, so maybe this is just their choice. I’ll stick to curling up with puppies until the storm subsides, if it’s all the same to you.