I think Rudi has crossed from being a baby puppy to a toddler puppy. What makes me say this? It’s not that she’s walking precariously on two legs or starting to say words, but she’s definitely entered a new phase.

As a baby, she would pull all my shoes out from the closet and (fortunately) mostly suck on them. There were a few chew marks, but I don’t think she actually ruined any. There were accidents in the house as she tried to figure out exactly where “outside” was (No! Not the kitchen! No! Not the office! Outside!). But it was all relatively harmless.

Well, she ate my mom’s brand new glasses a couple of weeks ago (which she only bought because Rudi had chewed on her old glasses, but the first time Jared and I weren’t there, so we figured it was separation anxiety or something that was causing her to act out — not that that makes the glasses any better. I’m just sayin’.). Then, this week, she ate my phone. No, she didn’t swallow anything, or at least not anything big. But she definitely messed up the phone and destroyed that little card that holds all the phone numbers. And of course I hadn’t saved those anywhere — why would I? They were in my phone.

In addition, as I wrote about in another post, she’s really taken to barking at other dogs on walks. It’s not that she didn’t do it before, but it wasn’t to this extent. She is so lucky she’s really cute and floppity and awkward.