I think I’ve mentioned before that we have a centrally located skylight in our home, and when it rains, it gets really loud. Well, it turns out there’s something else that’s loud on it, too. Squirrels.

All of a sudden, the squirrels have determined that the most fun thing in Squirrel World is to get on our skylight and scamper around. They get no traction on there, so I don’t know if it’s, like, a double dare, or some sort of squirrel hazing ritual, or what. Or maybe it’s fun, like a slide. Although, if they like slides, I would think they would go the park and use real slides. I mean, don’t they live at the park?

What’s really funny is that we can see them up there, but I know they can’t see us (because J was up there not long ago cleaning it, and he couldn’t see me). I think it must be what it’s like for fish, if they’re able to see through any ice in the winter and we come slipping and sliding across the lake. The squirrels, who look so confident and agile leaping through the trees, look like they’re about a second away from completely busting ass up there. Nuts, man.