I guess maybe there’s some March Madness magic in the air, or something, because last night, the magic happened. We had some friends over, and we played Trivial Pursuit, Girls vs. Boys.

It started out rough — we Girls missed out on an opportunity to steal a pie piece, which really pissed me off because I Love Pie. It kept getting worse. The boys were going for the win while we only had TWO pie pieces.

But then, the magic started. We kept landing on the perfect squares, and knocking the questions out of the park. It was beautiful, and we were on a roll. The boys had an early opportunity to take home the prize with this question:

On what British show is Trading Spaces based?

Helloooo, Changing Rooms (not Diff’rent Flats, guys. Sorry). We ladies totally stole that one. Oh, yeah.

And then, our big opportunity for the win came on this beauty:

What water is the only water Cameron Diaz will use to wash her face?

Just take a guess. It’s okay. I’ll wait.

Evian! Woo hoo! We won! Now I just need to make a trophy. Or maybe a hat. Or perhaps a sandwich.