Puppies are tough, man. I’m really hoping that we’re well past the Eating of Expensive Things phase, and I think (fingers crossed, knock on wood, grab a four-leaf clover) we left the Potty in the Living Room phase in the dust. However, we are in a new phase — the Let’s Push Our Toys Under the Couch and Whine Until Mom or Dad Pulls It Out. And while it is much less destructive and gross than the others, it is annoying as hell.

It’s over and over — I pull the damn ball/Bobo/rope toy/etc. out, throw it toward the west wing of the house (meaning I launch it over the back of the couch into the dining room), and she promptly brings it back (which she TOTALLY doesn’t do if we’re outside and playing fetch) and stuffs it back under the couch and starts whining at it again. Yuki will whine at a toy if it’s under there, but doesn’t keep sticking it back where she can’t reach it.

J has come up with the idea of shoving 2x4s in there to block her from getting anything under there, but I’m not biting. So, seriously, any ideas?

In other news, I took a friend with me to hip hop class last night. It was her first day signing up at the gym, and I convinced her that it would be FUN and she would LEARN stuff. I think she hates me now … However, I actually know some of the dances now! I mean, if there’s music and the somebody shows me a couple of times. But still! Improvement!

J is off at meetings for work today and tomorrow, so I’ve been kickin’ it here with the pups and cats (yes, cats, plural — we’re watching Star the psycho kitty. More about her in another post), I finished rereading Pride and Prejudice (for, what, the twelfth time now?), and I started another Bill Bryson book. This one is about him hiking the Appalachian Trail, and so far, it’s HILARIOUS. But I’m only on the third chapter. I’ll keep you up to date. Because I know you’re dying to know.