For as many weddings as I’ve been in (seriously, at least 7 or 8 hundred of them), I haven’t been to a lot of super wild and crazy bachelorette parties. I’ve been to fun bars with a group of girls where we’ve had way too much to drink and danced until our feet hurt, and I’ve done the low-key, drink a bottle of wine or six with the gals while we hang out and reminisce. But I was a novice to the phallically-focused type of bachelorette party. Until this weekend.

One of my very best friends is getting married, and her sister (who is several years younger than we are) planned just such an event, and to be honest, I was nervous as hell. I mean, Strippers! and Shots! Plus, I didn’t really know the exact plan, and that’s not normal for me. I usually know everything, in large part because I try to plan everything. Go ahead, call me a control freak. I’ve been called worse.

Anyway, we had such a ball — we went to a gay bar in Jax called The Metro, and started the night off with the funniest drag show I’ve ever seen. Okay, so I’d only been to, like, one (maybe two — I was drunk a lot in college, so I can’t be sure) before, but STILL, this was hilarious. And then, it was on to The Dancers In Banana Hammocks.

I don’t generally think of myself as prudish at all, but jeez o petes, when we walked in and I saw things dangling and swinging (covered, but barely), my head turned into a tomato. However, as it turned out, the people in this club were some of the nicest people I’ve come across. Well, at least the nicest bar working people I’ve come across. Possibly because they were hoping to get some of my dolla dolla bills, y’all.

I’ve got to say, despite my initial hesitation, I think that this was a fantastic place to have a bachelorette party (so did some other folks — there were two other bridal parties there when we arrived). There were cute, well-dressed boys who weren’t trying to steal any of us away, but were perfectly friendly, and good dancers (you could tell who the straight boys were — they just stood along the wall and watched because they lacked the cojones to get out there and bust an uncoordinated move. Pansies.). What about you guys — have you had a gay bar experience?

And, since I’m writing about the gay bar (Gay bah!), I have to include this video, courtesy of my girls Courtney and Holly, because they are NUTS.