Finals are nearly over — woo hoo! You might wonder why the hell I care, seeing as how I’m no longer in school, and even when I was in school, I didn’t stress that much over tests. Well, let me tell you what the end of finals means for me — the students are leaving!

For a couple of glorious months here, it’s possible to find a parking spot within a mile of the Target entrance or the gym. One can actually get a drink at a bar without punching out a size two sorority bitch trying to order her seventh Long Island ice tea (NOT top shelf, I promise you). And it’s possible to get into a restaurant without waiting an hour or two. Not that I’ll be going to any restaurants right now, since I’m DIETING.

In addition to that realization, a couple of other good things happened. Rudi ate our cable remote the other day (not good), and when J took it in to get a new one, they gave us a new one, no cost. Then, my car was being temperamental and wouldn’t start (sucky as all get out), but I took it to a place where they were really nice and honest and they fixed it for less than a million dollars.

And, finally, I was super sore from my weight workout yesterday (I woke up because of serious ass cramping — I am not lying), but I convinced myself to get an hour of cardio in, as mandated by my Bikini Countdown book. I went for a run/walk outside, and it was PERFECT. I worked hard, the sun was shining, but I was partly in shade, there weren’t a ton of other runners, AND there was jasmine EVERYWHERE! Jasmine alone might make this my favorite time of year here. I can’t even see it, but I can smell it all through the neighborhood. It’s so fragrant (you know, unless it’s one of the two jasmine plants I have in the backyard, in which case they don’t smell AT ALL), and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Oh, and J got his Wii with Mario Kart. So he’s happy too. Life is good.