Alright, so I had a great run the other day, and lots of things went really well. Hooray! But, what I didn’t mention because I was all woozy on jasmine or something was that this time of year brings with it something really, really rotten — TICKS.

I HATE these things. We use all the stuff you’re supposed to use on dogs to prevent ticks from hanging out on them, but I’m still having to molest the hounds every time they come inside to try to find ticks. Which, by the way isn’t easy on black dogs … But man, I am a MASTER with the tweezers, let me tell you. I almost can’t wait for someone to get a splinter so I can go at it (with other tweezers, not the gross ticky ones — they are ONLY for nasty ass ticks).

Also, I’m HUNGRY. That has nothing to do with the ticks of course — more to do with the diet. I’m trying. Honest, I am. And I’m working out like CRAZY — I’m totally rocking that aspect of it. But, it’s really hard to stick to modest portions and veggies when I SWEAR TO YOU I’M STARVING (I’m not actually starving — I’m eating a perfectly healthy enough, lest anyone feel concerned). It’s mental because I KNOW I can’t eat a ton, so the only thing in the world I want to do is, of course, eat a ton!

Also, I wrote this post over at That’s Fit, and I really wanted it to get a lot of traffic. But, which post gets picked up? A lame one I wrote about these gross foot pads that are supposed to reduce cellulite … but hey, beggers can’t be choosers. At least they picked up something I wrote, right?

But, overall, things are great. I might not sound like it, but like I said — I’m HUNGRY. I’ll be a bitch for another month or so — consider yourselves warned.