I learned something tonight that has changed my life. Well, it might. And it would’ve been DAMN handy to know a few years ago.

It turns out that the blade-y things on the bottom of the blender are removable. Who knows these things? Is this something EVERYONE knows? Because it came up at dinner tonight with two of our friends, and they knew about it, and Jared knew about it, and just now, when I was talking to my friend Susan and we were discussing how we don’t use our blenders in large part because we hate cleaning them, I found out that she knew about it, too. What the hell, people? Was anybody planning to tell me this? ‘Cause it would’ve been AWESOME to know this a couple of years ago when I was doing the protein shake thing and using my blender EVERY DAMN DAY.

And, I now feel the need to ask, are there other things you’re not telling me? Because if I find out there’s an clean-the-nasty-crap button on the shower, or an auto-pie-baking function somewhere on my stove, I’m gonna be pissed. And then pretty happy because, hey, then I’ll know. But still, you should fear my wrath if you’ve been hiding info from me. Fear it.