Tragedy struck our home on Friday. My beloved OPI nail polish in Don’t Socratease Me died.

I never thought I would be one of those girls who just HAD to have a particular color. I have a decent skin tone, so I can wear most colors. But this, my friends, is THE color to end ALL colors. It’s the perfect mix of reddish-pinky-orange, so it looks funky but a little preppy, and girly without being too girly. It is the only thing I ever want to see on my toenails ever again, and my bottle is DONE, out, kaput, EMPTY. And it appears OPI might not make it anymore. I am judging this solely based on the fact that they don’t carry it in the Trade Secret in my local mall anymore, since that’s where I bought it the first time.

I was crying about this to my friend Cat, who also writes for StyleDash (she’s good — you should check her out), and she suggested, of all things, the INTERNET. How it didn’t occur to me to shop for discontinued nail polish online beats me. I buy jeans, shoes, anti-blister magic stuff, but in my panic I didn’t consider it. Duh.

Not only did Cat make the suggestion, but she FOUND the color for me, AND it was on sale!!! I should totally send her a thank you card, or a bottle of vodka, or something.

I bought three bottles and hope to god I don’t decide I hate it next season.