Tonight is my friend’s wedding rehearsal and dinner. The rehearsal starts at 4, and the plan is to be half an hour away for dinner by 5:30. I am in charge.

That is all I know.

Well, okay, I know a couple of other things, like who’s in the wedding (it’s a small wedding), and someone else is in charge of music (at least I’m pretty much positive that is the case, and if I’m wrong, I might just throw up multiple times), but other than that, ZIP. Except that I’m in charge.

At least I’ve done this before (you know, at MY wedding, when my original officiant didn’t bother to show up, after which I FIRED her ass — you CAN fire a reverend, just so you know), so I feel confident. Or at least I DID until we had this conversation at dinner last night:

J: So, have you found anything else out about the rehearsal.

K: Yeah, be there at 4. Eat afterwards.

J: But, aren’t you, like, RUNNING it?

K: (feeling first hints of panic) Uh huh, but I just tell them when to go down the aisle. Easy peasy.

J: You sure you know what you’re doing?

K: *dies on the spot*

At least I’m NEW Kristen. Kristen who doesn’t get stressed about everything, who has life in perspective. But apparently the big, important stuff can still get me riled. Who knew?