Alright, when I write about fashion, I don’t really write as me most of the time. I mean, it’s under my name, and my fingers are hitting the keyboard, but in my blogging world, I don’t have the kind of budget constraints I experience in real life. I write about $600 shoes and $1500 handbags and designer clothes as if I have a closet full of those items. And, in my mind, I do. My mental closet is KICK ASS.

However, in my real world, I have a few designer pieces (emphasis on FEW), and none of them are the types of designer pieces that were ever worth over $500. Still, I’m finding that my blogging world is starting to interfere with my real world.

All of a sudden, I find myself coveting $800 shoes, and when I see designer heels on sale for $350, I think, “Wow! What a steal!” You know, like the fact that they were previously $800 makes $350 affordable. (It doesn’t, sadly.)

Here’s the thing: What does it even matter? Nobody I spend time with would realize the fact that the cute shoes I’m wearing cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, I wouldn’t notice it on someone else, most likely. I would notice if they were cute, and I would notice if they looked REALLY cheap, but there are a MILLION gorgeous shoes for well under $100, so why the hell would I spend a week’s pay on them?

Has anyone else had this problem? Because, as much as I love scouring the internet and pretend-shopping and looking at designer duds, I’m not going to be in a place anytime soon where that can make up my wardrobe. It’s fun, but it’s a spectator sport for me — much like I shouldn’t jump into a pro football game, I’d better remember to stay out of harm’s way with internet shopping. Sheesh.