Approximately 150 years ago I hinted at a trip to New York, and since I’m so on top of things, I’m back to give you the actual info. Yep, I’m with it, all right.

I was asked by Spiegel to come to NYC to do a photo shoot for their “Reality Dressing” catalog in which they feature real women of different ages. I had been in touch with them for a few things for StyleDash and AisleDash, and so when it came time to cast for this, they remembered me and asked if I was interested.

To which I promptly answered, “Certainly, I’d be delighted” “OMG! HELLS TO THE YES!” You know, because I’m demure and proper. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t run the opposite direction right then and there.

As if this wouldn’t be exciting enough on its own, consider this — I’ve NEVER been to New York. Not at all. And I write about fashion, people. I’ll be there the week before Fashion Week, which is kind of a bummer, but I just can’t wait to experience it.

They’re being kind enough to fly both myself and Jared up there, and they’re putting us up for two nights, and since there was NO WAY I was going to New York and not seeing, like, EVERYTHING, we’re staying for five nights, and crashing with my old roommate Robyn. A car will pick us up from the airport (woo hoo, Big Time!), and then we get to stay here for the night before and night after the photoshoot (plus, I get to have a MAKEOVER and PHOTOSHOOT, people!).

Stuff like this doesn’t happen to people like me, you know? I’m still a little in shock. I got my travel itinerary the other day, and I just can’t believe it. We leave August 31, and if anyone has any must see/must do lists for us, pass them along! As of right now, I think we’re going to see Avenue Q on Broadway, and go some cool rooftop bar, and probably do the boat ride around Manhattan, but not sure about everything else. Thoughts? Suggestions? Really good pizza places?