When I tell people that we sometimes take our dogs to a dog park that costs money to enter, I sometimes get some weird looks. But here’s the thing — we live in Florida, and if a body of water has been around for more than a week, you can probably bet that an alligator is calling it home, at least some of the time, so if you want your dog to swim, you’d better either A) have a pool, B) have a neighbor with a pool who doesn’t mind cleaning several pounds of dog hair out the filter, or C) take your dog to a park that’s enclosed and has swimming ponds with no alligators.

So, we took the pooches to Dogwood Park today, which is SUPER exciting for Yuki, because the only thing in the world she loves more than food is swimming. It’s also exciting for Rudi, because she just loves DOGS. Any dog will do, but especially dogs that will either chase her or let her chase it.

As we expected, Yuki jumped in after stick after stick and ball after ball, and Rudi terrorized played with about a thousand other pups. Miss Popularity, that one, while Yuki just growled at any dog who even LOOKED at her stick. One of these girls takes after her dad, and the other after her mom. If you come after my ice cream, you’ll know which is which.

Anyway, the exciting news is that RUDI SWAM!!! Granted, it was for about three seconds at a time, but STILL. She swam, and it was on purpose — we were not shoving her off a steep edge or anything. And they are both soooo tired now, but look at how cute they were at the park, all wet and excited (wait — that sounded kind of porn-y, but you know what I mean):