You know the stories about moms who develop superhuman strength when it comes to saving their children? I, too, have a superpower — I can spot a tick on my dogs from across a room. Which is a good thing, because sweet jebus there are a lot of them this year.

I use Advantix, which is the one that’s recommended all over the place for ticks, and when I asked my vet about it, she basically said, “Yeah, they’re bad. Nothing really works. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’.” So I am. Jared actually accused me of enjoying it.

(Warning: Possible grossness ensuing. Get out now.)

I admit it, I am a picker, so there might be some perverse pleasure in getting these little buggers, especially when they’re not really attached and just pop right off. But the ones that are attached and engorged and possibly passing horrible diseases onto my poor puppies and then when I pull them off leave blood everywhere … those make my heart hurt. And sometimes make my stomach turn.

The season should be winding down, but in the meantime, the ticks? They are a bitch. Anybody have any suggestions?