Have you ever won a contest? Like, that required no skill? I just did — I won a fabulous eco-friendly tank from SPUN (and now I totally want the cowl neck dress — could it BE any cuter?), and I have this insane feeling like things are right with the world. You know, like God is happy and bunnies will cease jumping in front of cars and I won’t hit any red lights the next time I drive somewhere in a hurry. And don’t ask me to actually go into whether I think God rigged the contest — my feelings on religion are complex and unsuitable to discuss on a joyous occasion such as this.

I suppose the other reason I’m feeling happy is that I got my eyebrows waxed today. Normally, I’m a plucker — I don’t like to pay anybody to do what I can do myself. However, they were out of control. How out of control, you ask? Well, you know Sam Waterson, Jack McCoy of Law and Order? I looked like I should be related to him.

I mean, holy hell, people:

And day after tomorrow, we leave for New York! I know I haven’t really talked about it (said will much sarcasm). We’re almost packed, and you’d be impressed at how little I’m packing, considering we’ll be gone nearly a full week doing a million different things … I’d pat myself on the back, but I don’t want to re-injure my shoulder.