I’m currently in New York, hopefully doing something unimaginably fabulous, but more likely drinking wine in the middle of the day and staring at dinosaur bones. Which, actually sounds kind of fabulous to me, and if you disagree, well, that’s really too bad.

Anyway, before I left, I got a chance to SHOP for WORK, and then WRITE about it! God my life is hard.

My post goes live at BeautyHacks today (Monday), and four other women will have done the same thing, with posts popping up throughout the week. Check it out. You get to see me in some really unflattering jeans, if that’s any incentive …

Also, I’ve started doing a twice-weekly feature at the StyleList blog (along with my girls Cat and Kyle) on really bad celebrity fashion. It’s called StyleFoul, and I think I’m having more fun than I should get to have doing something for which I’m being paid, and … well, I hope you like it, too. I’m up every Monday and Tuesday, and you won’t believe today’s. Good god.