I can’t help but crack up at the differences between Yuki and Rudi, We got home last night at around midnight, and they were both ecstatic to see us — there was much jumping and tail wagging and presenting of toys we might have forgotten about. And then, Rudi went outside.

She’s all, “Hi! Hi! Hi! Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re home! Okay, then, peace out,” and she’s out the door.

Yuki, on the other hand, seriously hasn’t left my side since I walked in the door. Took a shower, and she laid down right outside the door. Worked from the couch, and she slept on my feet. The only time she went outside was when I went out with her and basically forced her to play with Rudi.

Rudi, who I’ve seen three times — twice when I fed her, once when I followed her to make sure she pooped. But I swear she loves me.