You may or may not know that I am not really a beer drinker. I love wine, margaritas, vodka tonics, and lots of other yummy drinks, but until recently, I only drank beer if there really wasn’t anything else available. Because you know I’m not going to stick to water.

In the last few weeks, I’ve started drinking for the occasion — when we’ve gone to places that specialize in fancy beer, I’ve had fancy beer. Big step for me. Probably, there’s no place that’s more about beer than Oktoberfest, which we went to in Frankenmuth, Michigan while we were on vacation. And boy, did I drink some beer.

In fact, I drank beer from a boot. Surrounded by big, German men. In leiderhosen. Have you seen Beerfest (go to 8:18 in the video, and you’ll see, basically, us)? If so, you know the game, except instead of all of us having to chug a mug of beer, we all drank out of a giant glass boot.

Yes, you heard me right — I drank out of the same glass as six or seven random strangers. The drinking of the beer wasn’t so tough (at least not for me — Jared, who both started and finished the boot, might feel differently), but knowing about the germs — the germs!!! — nearly killed me. Still, I think I did my German heritage proud. As did Jared his Jewish heritage.

The start of the insanity:

Going around the table (of course I have to drink after literally everyone):

It’s go time! Notice, I’m not the one who looks hammered:

And, to finish it up:

Oy vey.