As we neared November 4, I had a hard time even watching TV because I was so sick of hearing all of the negative political ads — not just the presidential ads, although they were a big part of it, but all of the local candidates as well. And I was so ready for it to be over, that all of a sudden, come November 4, I didn’t know how to act.

I was NERVOUS. I ate all day and started drinking too early (I was drinking for you, Barack). When the announcement came at 11 pm, WELL. Like many Americans, I was simply overjoyed. But that doesn’t even begin to explain how I started to feel the next day.

My friend Susan, who has two small children, said something really though-provoking — her kids will grow up never imagining that an African-American couldn’t be president in the same way that I grew up never truly understanding what it was like when schools were segregated.

And of course, this got me thinking about children. Several years ago, before Jared came along, I could have very adamantly and truthfully told you that I didn’t want them. Since we’ve been married (coming up on five years! yikes!), we’ve definitely talked about having them (at some point in the undefined future), but I have to say, I’m scared. Not just about, you know, the HAVING of them, but about bringing a child into this world. There’s so much negativity and corruption in the world, and it’s so much harder to be a child now than it was when I was little. How can I purposefully expose a child to that?

I don’t think our new president will solve all of these problems, but I have some faith that our world is going to be a slightly better place. Not only because of him, but because of the people he has inspired, and because, all of a sudden, people believe in the possibility of change again.

My kids will grow up in a world where anyone can grow up to be president (although, god help me if I have a child who wants to be a politician), and hopefully, where they’re surrounded by people who believe in making a difference in the world.