As some of you may know, I have The World’s Cutest Goddaughter. Seriously. See for yourself — meet Jorie:


Can you imagine a cuter little kid? Try, I dare you.

I love her to pieces, and she mostly loves me, too. Although she kind of prefers Jared. I can’t say that I blame her. He’s a lot of fun.


One of the few times during our trip to MI that I wasn’t eating her delicious baby cheeks

But, we have a problem. She’s my cousin’s (well, second cousin — that as close to a cousin as I have) daughter, and she already has an Aunt Kristin, so obviously, I can’t be Aunt Kristen. Even though I’m the one who spells it correctly.


Jorie and her mom (my cousin), Jen

So, the question is, what should she call me? You know, once she’s talking and calling me something with more than one syllable? Godmother Kristen sounds just a tad too formal, and I’m guessing that shortening it to “God” is probably a little confusing. GM sounds too much like BM, and I don’t ever want to be associated with poo, so, what do we do?

Don’t fail me, Internet. Help. What should my sweet, cute, wonderful goddaughter call me? Please, keep your suggestions clean. Whatever you can come up with, I’m sure I’ve been called worse. And remember, there are children involved this time.