As I entered the second half of my 20s, for the first time, I started to think that I couldn’t be anything I wanted anymore. I had completed school and gotten hitched, and both of those things gave my future some direction. Not that either was a hindrance, but I didn’t dream about working for NASA or being an Egyptologist after getting an English degree, and once I was married, I didn’t intend to sneak off to Europe for a year to drink wine and figure myself out, you know?

(It should be noted that I don’t care for math or science so much, so NASA was pretty much out of the question by sixth grade; I’m terrible with history and dates, and also terrified of snakes, so Egyptology wasn’t looking so good; and I get nervous flying alone when I know where I’m going, let alone going to bunch countries where I don’t even speak the language.)

But, I just read this post, which made me realize I’m totally not the only one who has entertained crazy career notions. And I’m betting you have, too!

I’ve had more than just the above-mentioned dreams — in another life, I’m pretty sure I could’ve been: A movie star, a Rockette, a professional swimmer, a clothing designer, an interior designer, a linguist, a dog trainer, or a beach bum. What about you?