I’ve never lived alone. I went from living with my folks, to living in the dorms, to living with roommates, to living with Jared. And, since living with Jared, I’ve probably only stayed home alone for a few nights at a time. Until now.

He’s been gone for a week (a week!) doing training with Oakley, and he just went to Puerto Rico with them today for meetings or beer drinking contests or bikini judging or something, and will be there until Saturday. Most likely, I’ll see him Sunday. And man, I miss him. A lot.

However, being slightly weird and antisocial, I actually like spending time alone. But, it’s really weird to have a job that doesn’t require me to leave, and then also not having anyone else come into the house. Don’t get me wrong — there’s no pity party going on here. I’ve been able to be really productive (like, I cleaned, y’all, and plan to clean again). It’s just weeiiird.

Okay, and this productivity thing — I don’t know whether it’s because I know that, if I don’t do it, things won’t magically get done the way they do when Jared’s home, or if it’s because I don’t have someone to sit and be lazy with at night, but it’s bizarre. I normally get into a crazy cleaning mood once every few months, but I’ve already spent hours tidying and stuff on multiple nights. What gives? Will this go away when he gets home?

God, I hope so.