I am ready for 2009. This past year has been a roller coaster, the likes of which I hope I never see again. The year started out with an incredible low — Jared’s father passed away unexpectedly, and I don’t think a day has gone by when we haven’t thought about him and missed him. He was an absolutely wonderful person, by all accounts, and we’ve had a hard time understanding how he could be taken away so early. So, while plenty of good has happened this year, 2008 is always going to be the year that we lost Jess.

We also lost another beloved family member — my parents’ dog, Vinnie. I know, it’s not the same, and I’m not comparing — OBVIOUSLY — but it was really painful all the same. January and February were, to sum it up, CRAPTASTIC.

I guess someone, somewhere, realized we needed a break, because 2008 also brought some good things. Jared and I moved into a beautiful new house (now, if only we could sell the old one), I was able to quit my day job and write full time (and I have updates — good updates — on that, coming soon), and after too many years at his old job, Jared got the job of his dreams with Oakley.

For the coming year, I have a lot of goals. I hesitate to call them resolutions because I have a shitty track record with resolutions. But, I’m thinking that, if I share mine with you this year, perhaps I’ll feel a little more accountable. So, read on at your own peril.

  1. Get in better shape. I’m not setting a weight goal this year, but I want to be comfortable with my body, and right now, I’m just not.
  2. Cook more. This sounds counterproductive to Goal #1, but I intend to cook healthful (and delicious) meals, filled with fresh veggies. And I intend to use the stove, not just the microwave.
  3. Meet more people. I might take a class, or join a club (in fact, there’s a book club I’m interested in). I don’t know. But I DO know I need to stop bitching about not having a lot of friends in town if I’m not going to do something about it. And you KNOW I’m not going to stop bitching.
  4. Enter challenging races. If my knees feel good, I’ll look at a half marathon. Otherwise, I’ll be back to sprint triathlons this summer. Count on it.
  5. Have a book at least outlined, and begin the active search for an agent. This is sort of a cheat, because I’ve already sort of started on this, but as I make more contacts, the idea of actually landing an agent and getting a book deal seems more and more likely, and if that’s the case, well …. I guess I need to have some shit put together, right?

This year brings a lot of hopes and dreams with it for me. How about you?