I live in a fairly small, quite new neighborhood — maybe 70 or 80 houses, total, many of which were just built and have yet to be purchased. And it seems to me that, in a place like this, people would be a little extra considerate. After all, at some point, you’re probably going to know everyone, right?

Maybe not. Because, if people were considerate, they would not spit out their disgusting gum on the concrete in front of the mailboxes.

I mean, it’s one thing to chuck your gum out in the middle of a giant parking lot, or as you’re walking along the road — it’s not right, but it most likely will be run over by cars before anyone’s shoe comes in contact with it. But, the concrete in front of the stinking mailboxes? No vehicles go there. There’s no opportunity for it to be smashed into the ground before some unsuspecting neighbor comes along and steps in it, and then proceeds to say some rather rude words, rather loudly, in front of the rather amused construction workers.

(Note to the construction workers: Don’t look so shocked. You’ve heard all of those words before, I’m sure. You just might not have heard anyone be so clever with them. You learned something today.)

Moral of the story — don’t spit your goddam gum anywhere I can step in it, or I will come after you. The end.