So I have decided that Kristen is not the only talent in the house.  I am throwing my hat into the ring and posting a few things myself.  Since I am now traveling quite a bit, I run into many situations where I see humorous things and had no one to share them with.  You, lucky reader, shall now share them with me.  I would like to present Musings from a Rambling Man.

Many of the places I have been traveling through are small podunk towns in Florida.  These towns are so small that I can barely even call them towns.  They seem to have a strange fascination with fried chicken.  I saw a sign in one town claiming that they had the best fried chicken in town.  Now this place also happened to be the only place in town.  Did I mention that it was a restaurant inside the only gas station in town? Can you really make a claim like that without there being any sort of competition in town?  I was very tempted to find a local KFC and pass along the fact that this restaurant, probably the only one of its kind, claims their chicken is better than their thousands of stores around the world. Once I looked down the two side streets that radiated from the one stop light in town and knew I would not find a KFC.

Did you know that there is a town in Florida called Lorida.  Oh my god! When I saw the first sign “Lorida” I thought it had to be a decrepit sign.  Then every other sign displaying Lorida I felt like my IQ  might start dropping every moment I spent in the place.  What kind of a person says “hey you know what would be a great name for a place? Lorida, Florida! Isnt that awesome!?!”  They could not even have gone for Florida, Florida.  You know, like New York, New York.  No, they just decided that they should remove one letter to confuse and annoy people coming through their town for decades to come.

For my final musing, I have no picture evidence.  I’m kicking myself for not stopping and taking a picture.  We have many rivers and bridges in Florida, and I have seen many signs right before the bridge: Bridge Freezes Before Road (like roads ever freeze here) and Narrow Bridge are two that come to mind. Beware Buzzards on Bridge was a new one on me.

I mean do we really need to keep an eye out for birds?  Shouldn’t they be able to fly away long before you hit one?  If you ask me birds are one of the few animals expect to see in the road.  Can this possibly be the only bridge in Florida where the retarded buzzards hang out?  I am going to keep my eyes peeled for the buzzards and the sign so I can get some proof of this one.

Thanks for reading my first post.  I will keep you all up to date on any fun stuff I encounter in my travels.