I’m chronically messy. I hate being a slob, and I get very frustrated very quickly when I can’t find something … especially when I can’t find it because I didn’t put it back where it needed to go. Which is generally the case.

That being said, I think one of the most beautiful things in the world is a well organized closet. And our home now has three of them. Well, four if you count the one that we completely emptied out for other things that we don’t have yet.

My shoes are no longer jumbled together in two giant Rubbermaid tubs. Now, I have 10 or 12 of them in a lovely hanging organizer, and the rest are sectioned off in one of those cool under-the-bed organizers (but it’s still in the closet — if they’re under the bed and I can’t see them, I’ll  never wear them.). All of my purses are also in a swell hanging organizer. All. Of. Them. Oh, and scarves and wraps and pashminas and cardigans (basically, anything I might want to grab right before heading out the door to a sure-to-be-freezing restaurant)? Neatly folded and in the same cubby. Hey, I even moved all the jeans that don’t fit (or are currently out of style but sure to be cool again … one day) into a drawer in the other room so I don’t have to feel like such a bum every time I look at them! Woo!

Where’s my crafty stuff? Oh, it’s in the office closet, all together in a tub. Likewise, all of the Christmas decorations and wrapping paper/bags/bows are in the same area. The nostalgic crap that our parents refuse to keep schlepping around and we can’t bear to part with is all in one section of the closet, and costumes/bridesmaids dresses/wigs/other fun stuff is on the other side of that closet. Seriously. Quiz me. I know where it is.

Now, don’t be too impressed — the rest of the house is not looking so good. So, if you come over, probably I’ll show you my closets right away, and then try to get you drunk enough so you don’t notice the random bottle of nail polish in the kitchen, or the laundry basket (empty!) on the couch, or our overnight bags from this weekend that are still sitting by the front door. Because, y’all, I am done with the cleaning and organizing for today. Possibly for all of 2009.