In the last few years, my eye makeup has definitely toned down. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve never had a problem doing a dramatic smoky eye, or using a bit of color, but it’s definitely more subdued than it was when I was in college. Probably this is in part because I’m not going out to clubs too often anymore, partly because styles have changed, and partly due to the fact that I look a little more mature in general these days.

However, Friday night, I went to my first punk rock concert, and made my best attempt to look the part.


I know you can’t see the eye makeup too well here, but trust me — in the immortal words of Posh Spice, it was “major.” Thick black liner (top and bottom), purples and silvers worked in, and multiple coats of mascara.

(And, did you notice my awesome nail polish? I customized it to a super cool purple, which I’m now in love with. I’ve been dreaming about it — seriously — and I finally just did it.)

So, I was kind of digging the look — it was fun and different for me. But, apparently, other people liked it, too. I had a couple of random people compliment me, one who specifically cited hair and makeup. So, Kristen the Prep might’ve breathed her last. Now, I’m Punk Rock Kristen, and will answer to nothing less.

Unless, of course, I do it again and nobody compliments me. Then, I’ll have to reexamine my option. Of course.