I’ve started a new job as Assistant Editor at one of my (paying) blogs, and I’m super excited, which is obviously the reason I’m flailing my arms around so excitedly. Not because I’m just flailing. Nope.

I know what I’m doing (for the most part), and I’ve been here before — a new position is hard. It’s always hard, until you get in the swing of things. The stuff that’s taking up so much of my time right now will be easier next week, habit in three, and within a month or so, I’ll be able to do it in my sleep. I know this — I’ve done it a hundred times for a hundred different jobs/classes/teams/etc.

And I’m counting on it. But, it never, ever ceases to put my mind in the horrible “what if?” state. What if it doesn’t get easier? What if I’m a complete failure? What if I don’t do as good a job as everyone who’s done this before me?

I want to be great at this. And a big part of me thinks I will be — other people seem to think I will be, otherwise, why would they have hired me? But this whole having faith thing is, as I mentioned, hard. Anybody have any tips, other than drinking wine? Because that one, I’m familiar with.