Internet, it’s been a crazy few days. Jared got SICK — I’ve known him for almost a decade, and he’s never been SICK before, so it was … weird. Fortunately, although I’ve never had any desire to enter the healthcare field (none AT ALL), I’m pretty damn good at taking care of people. Even if my chicken soup (made from scratch) sent him straight back to the bathroom. Not my fault.

Then, there’s Yuki, who has some swollen lady business. It’s not pleasant, but at least this time around, it doesn’t involve ointment (apparently, that’s just for an enflamed vulva, not a swollen clitoris. Seriously, y’all, I SHOULD NOT KNOW THIS SHIT).

So, between the worry and the playing nurse and the vet appointments (oh, and the NEW JOB — don’t forget that), I’ve been a little tired and stressed. Jared’s been out of town, and honestly, I’ve been too lazy to make real dinner, and too broke to go somewhere (because, did you know taxes are coming up due? I’m not so happy about it this year. I liked it a lot better when I actually got money BACK). But tonight, I was hungry, and I was too lazy to put things together, so I thought I’d go to Publix (the local supermarket which is 1/2 a mile from our house) to grab something for a Big Salad or a sub or something. And then, I got a surprise. A good one. Finally.

Publix was holding a wine tasting! And no, they weren’t fancy wines — they were wines that were on sale for around $10 or less (sometimes for a big bottle). But the stations were set up all over the store, so it was easy to drink all of them without any judging eyes. Not that I actually care, but still, it’s nice. And by the time I got to the last one? People were FRIENDLY.

I ended up chatting with a few women for, oh, I don’t know, 20 minutes or so (partly because Josh, our fabulous Publix oenologist, kept pouring. I might love Josh a little). But as I got to talking with the mother and daughter, we found that we knew some of the same people (almost inevitable in Gainesville), and had a few other things in common. We exchanged cards, and, voila! We’re friends!

It always, always amazes me how easy it can be to make friends under the right conditions. I mean, it’s so damn hard most of the time, but with the right formula (such as free wine) I can make friends just about anywhere. And it’s nice to remember that once in a while.