I’m kind of a softy, I’ll admit. I cry at kids movies (Bolt had me sobbing), and I’ve been known to get weepy at commercials (what were those — Taster’s Choice? Where the couple was in love, but the love story just wasn’t working itself out? You know what I mean). However, today I hit a new low — I found myself in tears, actual tears, two times while watching … wait for it … the world championship Ironman triathlon race. Sheesh.

Now, I do get chills at sporting events, and I’ve definitely found myself choked up during a really phenomenal play at a basketball game. (Someone, please jump in here and tell me I’m not the only one.) But seriously, a triathlon? On TV?

I had good reason, really — they were telling all of these touching stories about some of the amateurs competing. I mean, there was some dude, and I wasn’t really paying attention, but he used to do some sort of racing, and got in an accident, and couldn’t use his legs anymore. I think maybe they thought he was going to die, but I might have that mixed up with one of the other ten stories. Anyway, he was there, doing the Ironman 70.2 (DUDE, that is a LONG race), using his arms to power himself through.

And then, some other kid was in an accident (this one they definitely thought was going to die), and he fought death so that his parents wouldn’t suffer, and now, he’s been training and competing and is bascially awesome. I didn’t cry about him, though.

The second sob session was triggered by Team Hoyt, whom I’ve written about at That’s Fit before. I mean, this kid was born with cerebral palsy, and his dad has been carrying him through races all over the world for decades. The dad is now 68 years old, and they’re nearing 1000 races — he hopes to hit that mark next year. They were inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame, and rightfully so. I mean, talk about love and inspiration — I could cry again right now.

And no, I am NOT pregnant, nor am I PMS-y. I just am sometimes pretty blown away by the emotions (and stories) sports can bring about.