I’m currently at the beach (well, inside at the moment, but there’s sand and ocean and sunshine about 20 feet from where I’m sitting), and I’m here for a good friend’s wedding. A good friend for whose bachelorette party I whooped it up so hard that I still have boo boos (but it was totally worth it).

And, of course, I can’t help but think about my own beach wedding a little over five (wtf, FIVE?) years ago, and what I would change. Not a lot, honestly. We had an amazing group of friends and family, a fabulous location, and my dress was perfection (Jared looked pretty snazzy, too). It was a good party. The only thing I wish I could change is how I handled things — I was SO stressed beforehand (and I had a number of very good reasons, but still), and I held onto a lot of the frustrations and disappointments for years afterward. Hell, I’m still a little pissed that there were carnation pink bows all around, because that is not tropical.


Anyway, at this point, I really am thankful that it was such an amazing event, and I know my friend’s wedding is going to be just as fabulous. And, if you (or someone you know) is getting married sometime soon, I wanted to point you toward a really cool promotion going on.

My friend Little Debbie (okay, it’s Deb, but she’s petite and cute and I just think Little Debbie suits her. Sue me) is an amazing artist/jewelry maker (omg who wants to buy me this?), and she’s part of the Ever After Wedding Market, which is hosting the Ever After Bailout Giveaway. You just browse the site (which you’ll want to do anyway, trust me), leave a comment on the giveaway post (NOT HERE) about which of their items is your favorite. The winner gets a subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings plus a tone of coupons from Ever After vendors. You have until May 15 to enter, so be sure to tell your bridal friends!

And if you’re not getting married, probably you should still check out Blazer Arts (Little Debbie’s company).

Photo: aaronlockwoodphotography.com