This week, Jared was back in one of the many parts of Florida in which he spent his formative years. And of course, he had some observations to share:

I was driving by the Humane Society in Ft. Lauderdale today and noticed two signs hanging outside the facility.  The first one said “Hold Your Birthday Party Here!!”  The second exclaimed “Summer Camp Sign Up Starts Today!”   Hold on a minute here.  Is the Humane Society all of a sudden like the new O2B Kids?

I used to work at this very Humane Society (way back) in my high school days.  It was very difficult to go home each day without taking one of the animals home.  Seems like a pretty sneaky (or ingenious!) way to get kids to take home an animal.  “Hi Jimmy, how was summer camp today?” “Great, mom. We played soccer, made macaroni necklaces, and I brought home a puppy!” No way a kid could spend all day at an animal shelter and not want to bring home every single animal they come across.

Even worse is a birthday party.  You send little Jimmy off to a birthday party and he comes home with a party favor bag and inside … a kitty!!!!  This shelter seems to be trying awfully hard to get kids into their facility and will probably pressure them a little to adopt an animal.

This Humane Society is named after Wayne H Huizinga’s wife.  Was this his idea? It seems eerily similar to the fire sale that was the 1997 World Series Champion Florida Marlins.  The following year Wayne practically posted signs begging teams to take players off his hands. “Hey Jimmy anything cool happen today?” “Yeah I picked up Bobby Bonilla at a birthday party today! It was AWESOME.”

Editor’s note: All this, and he still won’t let me get another dog. Sheesh.