random winner tropicanaI had an amazing weekend with the lovely folks at Tropicana (and don’t worry, I’ll be writing plenty about it in the days to come). In fact, I was so busy that I didn’t have a chance to select a winner of the Tropicana fruit and juice basket until today!

I wish I could send delicious, healthy deliciousness to all of you, but, alas, there can only be one winner. Congrats to clarecd, who said, “Papaya is one of my faves. But there’s nothing like a nice, cold glass of OJ in the morning!” I’ll contact you shortly to get your address, and then you’ll get your yummy, yummy fruit basket. Whee!

There will be much, much more to come, but for now, I’m going to sit back and enjoy my fermented grape juice and pretend that dinner will make itself. (Shut up. You don’t know unless you try.)