(It’s been brought to my attention that Jeez-o-petes has been a bit somber as of late. And maybe it’s been for good reason, but that’s still not fun to come and read. I’m hoping this makes up for it!)

You might recall me mentioning that I have a goddaughter, and this time last year, we were struggling to find a name for me.

fairy godmotherWell, it was decided that I would be Bibbity Boo. You know, like the song the Fairy Godmother sings in Cinderella (which, by the way, sounds remarkably similar to the Polish version). It’s quite fitting, as we all know I’m not the godparent who’s going to, like, set rules or give her moral guidance. Nope, I’m going to teach her that she should never leave the house without at least two coats of mascara, and that walking in heels takes practice. (What? These are Important Lessons. You know it’s true.)

Anyway, Jorie (my goddaughter) loves the song, and when I went to visit her a couple of weeks ago (thanks to Mom and Dad who funded my flight), she seemed to like me, too. See for yourself — I’m not always awful with children! (No, really, click the link!)

(PS – I tried and tried to upload the video to this post and, god help me, IT WOULD NOT WORK. If anyone has had luck uploading Vimeo videos to a WordPress blog, I’d love to hear from you!)