running clothesI just watched Letterman’s top 10 things you think about while running the NYC marathon. Now, I’ve never run in New York nor have I ever run a full marathon, but it made me think about, uhh, what I think about while running. And so, my Top 10, ordered from the beginning of a run to the end (and I expect you to share yours in the comments!):

10. Do I have something in my shoe? Oh, god, I hope not. Stopping now is a bad idea.

9. I want to be doing this. I really do. This is my choice, and my time all to myself. I should enjoy it.

8. Oh, man, I’m glad I slathered on the Body Glide.

7. Have I burned the number of calories in a piece of pizza yet? What about a whole pizza? I’m getting hungry.

6. If I ran faster, I would be done sooner, and that would be nice. I should pick up the pace.

5. Holy shitballs, why did I pick up the pace?

4. So, the race I’m training for is ___ times farther than this. Christ on a cracker.

3. Is anybody looking? Can I walk?

2. That’s the end! Sprint! Kick! Get the most out of it! Woo!

1. Screw it. Breathing is more important than finishing in under ______.


By the way, the image above is one I’ve submitted for the Working Closet Flickr pool, a really cool group that lets you see what other women wear on a daily basis and, theoretically, show off your cool sense of style. Today, I would say I failed, but I’ll be submitting these (close to) daily for the rest of the month. You should, too!