So, I’ve got a feeling 2010’s going to be good, good year. In fact, I’m making the decision, right now, that it will be. Actually, I decided that a few months ago.

You see, in less than three weeks, I’ll be turning 30. Thirty. XXX (oh, wait, that might give the wrong impression …). That’s a big one, people. I’m not saying it’s old (because it’s not), but to quote one Posh Spice, it’s mayjah. Until now, I’ve been able to say that I’m in my twenties, which, theoretically, could lead people to believe I’m in my early twenties — still in college, even. Hey, maybe I can’t even legally drink! What’s that young lady doing with a vodka tonic in her hand! Call the authorities!

When I tell people I’m thirty, well … that kind of gives it away, doesn’t it?

But, back to the main point — why I decided it would be a good year. For one thing, the last couple of years have been hard. Jared and I have both had professional victories, and many, many wonderful things have happened. But we’ve had some really big, really horrible things happen, and those will forever be the events that define 2008 and 2009.

Barring any tragedies (and I’m knocking on wood with one hand while typing with the other), I feel like I have two options when approaching the big 3-0. I can whine and moan and continue celebrating the __ anniversary of my 25th birthday, which is what I’ve done since I turned 25. Or, I can embrace it. I can acknowledge the fact that I kicked some ass in my twenties, that in some respects, I’ve accomplished more by now than I ever thought I would, and feel my heart start to pitter patter at the thought of what I might do in my thirties.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one logical choice.

Don’t misunderstand me — I’m a little nervous about the fact that 30 is my official Grown Up age. As a kid, I always pictured 25 as the age at which I’d begin growing up and do things like get married and get a real job (I was only a year or three off in both), and 30 was when I imagined I’d settle down, have kids, and become successful. I’m not so sure about the kids part, but the rest? Abso-freakin-lutely. It’s gonna be great. I mean, I already have plans to go on a cruise, go to Austin, and go to New York (more on all this coming later, I SWEAR). And that’s just the spring and summer. How bad can it be?

Now, just check back with me on January 24th and see if I’m still this optimistic …