My job isn’t always easy, and it’s very rarely glamorous, but some of the people in my virtual office make it pretty damn easy to show up every day. Usually, like in any office, we talk about work, but other times (like in any office), we get … a little off topic.

Today, I was instant messaging with Susan during lunch, and we now have an (amazing) idea for a theme restaurant: Celebrity Head Salads.

me: I just ate a salad the size of Ben Affleck’s head
Susan: I am picturing your salad served IN Ben Affleck’s head
also, is his head larger than your average head? or salad?
me: he’s got a giant noggin. and i’m opening a restaurant. like, you could order in sizes: Reese Witherspoon, Bradley Cooper, or the GIANT Ben Affleck
Susan: Celebrity Head Salads!
me: awesome
Susan: i cannot stop laughing
or pituring various celebs with their heads in salad
me: it’s HILARIOUS
think about John Malkovich!
Susan: the Toby McGuire salad would be both small and vegan
me: laughing SO LOUDLY now
Susan: wondering what would be in a Puff Daddy salad
which would also be smallish, yes?
me: Tom Cruises would be short, and filled with weird Scientology veggies
Susan: Mark Anthony = small
me: definitely
me: but JLo would be HUGE
Susan: hhahaahah

me: and with croutons of gooooold
well, shavings, maybe
and truffles!
Susan: snorting
me: and caviar, for SURE
Mel Gibson’s would be served with a jug of wine, and would NOT be kosher
(I’m so blogging this, btw)
Susan: god I hope so
Can you imagine if we worked in a real office and could actually go somewhere? Like, with alcohol? It might be safer to be in different parts of the country.