Have you ever ordered something on the menu that came with a bunch of things you love, and a few things you didn’t know much about but sounded good, and then, when you got it, you found that when it was all together, it was like a truffle full of awesome exploded in your mouth? That’s kind of how BlogHer was, only there weren’t things exploding in my mouth. Mostly.

Susan Roxanna Annie Kristen Cat

Friends? Coworkers? Hard to tell. Susan, Roxanna, Annie, me, Cat. FUN.

Part of the reason this trip was so amazing is because it was in New York. Yes, I know I said I was kind of intimidated by it, but this time around, I really loved it. Add to that the fact that I got to see old, non-blogging friends, current co-workers, friends I’ve made blogging, plus I met a bunch of new people, and … well, there you’ve got just about every ingredient you could want.

I don’t want to bore you with too many details, but here are a few highlights (and not all of them start out with, “I had a bunch to drink at the bar and …”):

There were good things like meeting bosses and touring the AOL offices with Susan, shopping here with blackbird and running in Central Park with Susan and Heather (and for a few minutes, Danielle). I had celebratory drinks with Cat, Korean barbecue with Stefania, a good New York bagel with Jessica, and Famous Original Ray’s Pizza with my (intimidatingly gorgeous but totally down to earth) roommate, Roxanna (who was one of the BlogHer Voices of the Year for her site’s design!).

I had, quite literally, the worst cab ride EVER with Susan, but that was forgotten after having drinks and dinner (and drinks, and drinks) with my Paw Nation editor and director, then riding with a much more competent driver who gave me a Peppermint Pecker. (It’s funny and it freshens your breath. Who’s gonna complain about that? NOT ME.)

There might have been a few drinks before this moment. It's likely.

I saw Metalia, who was already one of my favorite people on the internet as well as in real life, rap about Twilight (although I didn’t get to dance to any old school hip-hop with her, which was disappointing. Next year!). I rode the subway by myself and got to tell Maggie about crossing that item (#18) off my life list in person — she seemed totally excited for me, and even if she was faking, I really wouldn’t care.

I read so many blogs that make me suspect that, if I were to meet the writer, surely we’d be instant friends. Well, as usual, I was totally right. I’m already planning a trip to Napa to visit Helen Jane, and I found I could have sat and chatted with Holly and her lovely husband all night, and one of these days, I think I will. And I got to talk about dogs with Alice, who was funny and friendly, just as I thought she might be. (See, I’m always right!) And, I finally met Annie, which was fantastic but also kind of like hanging out with an old friend because we’ve known each other online for so very long.

In addition to all the bloggy goodness, I got to have dinner with my old roommate, Robyn, and her boyfriend Atti (who just proposed! ZOMG!) and visit with my friend Chelsea in her office, where she’s officially A Big Deal. No, really, I had to go through two security checkpoints to get to her, and you want to see a real-life small-town-girl-turned-big-city-success? Go find her.

Oh! And I won a phone (which I haven’t messed with yet because despite the fact that I do lots of techy things for a living, new phones intimidate the crap out of me) for correctly deciphering weird teen-influenced text shorthand. This is especially ironic because I use VERY little of it and mock those that use it frequently. No, really, ask my poor husband.

The only regrets I have are that I didn’t get to spend enough time with lots of people, but Chris especially, and I didn’t do any old school hip-hop dancing with Metalia. And while I’m glad I got out of Midtown a few times, I really would like to go back and spend a good bit of time in more of the boroughs.

I arrived in New York with nerves and expectations. I left New York with great memories and new friends. And I came home to wet snouts and silky ears. I have no cause for complaint, folks.