I like football just fine — not as much as, say, basketball or volleyball or pie-eating, I guess, but I enjoy going out to the games. I especially enjoy tailgating. And no, it’s not just because of the never-ending supply of Bud Light Lime and veggie dogs (do I know how to party or what?) — I love the people watching. LOVE it. And if you’ve ever been to a major college football game, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

Now, speaking of major college football games, this past weekend was Florida vs. Georgia, an annual event that takes place in Jacksonville and has been dubbed “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” And it totally is.

It’s not just the game on Saturday that’s the big draw — no, people tend to get there the night before to hang out at The Jacksonville Landing. If you get there early enough, like we did, you can camp out by one of the numerous bars, befriend the bartenders, and have generous drinks poured. Very generous. Perhaps so generous that you don’t make it out again the following night. (Thanks, Donna.)

Anyway, after a few minutes of people watching on Friday, I decided to document the random faces (and clothes, and costumes). So, I present to you The People of Florida Georgia 2010. Some of my very favorite shots are below, and you can find the rest on Flickr.

Before the crazy began

Naturally, I found puppies

Donna, the best bartender in Jacksonville. Go see her.

Just married. Seriously!

Gratuitous handsome firemen picture. What? Firefighters are people, too. Hot people. Because of the fires.

Glad some Geogia fans got lei'd. Har har har.

There was dancing. Crazy, dance circle, popping and locking dancing. It was awesome. Plus, this guy let me wear his glasses.

And then, there were the costumes.

Oh, yes, the costumes.

Sometimes, dancing IN costumes.

Oh god, the costumes.

Not everyone was as excited to be there as we were, I guess.

Biggest beer pong ever.

Go check out the rest on Flickr, if you’re so inclined. Or just tell me in the comments about the craziest sporting event you’ve ever attended!