Roller coasters really don’t frighten me. I mean, sure, as the car lurches to a start, I tend to do a double check on my harness or belt — you know, just to make sure in case the theme park worker didn’t really check. And, to be honest, I don’t know what I’d do if I found that it wasn’t latched properly, other than hold on extra tight, I guess. But still, I’m not actually scared.

This? Not scary.

The only thing that really scared me at Busch Gardens this trip (aside from some occasional horrible manners, or lack thereof, witnessed in strangers) was this stupid swaying bridge thing … in the Elmo playland. Yes, I’m fully aware of how ridiculous that is.

In my mind, I am totally aware that it’s completely safe. I’m not nervous watching anybody else go over something like that, and I can see the mechanics — it’s obviously totally secure. But, three steps in, and I’ve already sweated through my shirt and am thisclose to hyperventilating. Could I be any less cool, I wonder?

I keep thinking that, if I just keep facing this stupid fear, eventually, it will go away. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? Especially when you consider the fact that I’m totally okay with riding a roller coaster that goes about 50x higher than Elmo’s damn Indiana Jones bridge.

Any of you have irrational fears? Have you ever been able to get over them, or do they still border on paralyzing?