Now that my foot is about 85% better, I’m back to running and praying that the plantar faciitis doesn’t flare up again. And, with the running, I’ve tried something new. The track.

Keep in mind that, although I grew up running around a lot, I never learned much about it. I ran suicides for basketball, and I ran across the playground to run away from boys, and, as I got older, I ran on the road and the treadmill in an attempt to look like someone who might still be an athlete. The only time I ever spent at the track was when I’d go to track meets in high school to cheer for my bestie Jami. She was very fast, and often won, and that was pretty much the extent of my knowledge. I never gave too much thought to using the track for anything other than, you know, training to run track.

So last week, with Coach Patrick, I gave it a shot, and … I kind of loved it. I think there are probably two schools of exercisers — those who love the clock and those who hate it. I’m firmly in the first camp — in both running and swimming, I love the challenge. I love the definitiveness of it all. If you start here and time yourself back to that exact point, you can easily gauge whether you’re going faster or slower, regardless of how your body feels (because there have been plenty of times that my body has told me I’m going WAY faster when, in fact, I’m slowing down significantly).

Anyway, we did a great workout consisting of decreasing distances but increasing the pace. It’s such a mental game, this running thing. I just think to myself, “Well, if I did a mile in x amount of time, obviously I can go a half mile at a faster pace, right?” And usually, I can.

This opens up a whole new world of running workouts, and I’m totally ready. Excited, even.

(If you have a track workout you love, please share it!)