Weather in Florida this time of year is tricky. Some nights, we’re covering our plants to protect them from frost, but by 2 p.m. that same day, it could be 80 degrees and beautiful and sunny.

I hate trying to figure out what to wear right now — I mean, are there really enough layers in the world to take me from 80 degrees to 32?

(No, there are not. Trust me.)

But when I wake up to a chilly house and have to bundle up in my thick, pink, polka-dotted robe to let the dogs out, and I wrap my hands around my coffee mug just because the warmth feels so good … well, I gain a whole new appreciation for 80 degrees and sunny, you know?

(Also helps that the humidity has gone waaaay down, so I no longer feel like I’m trudging through a swamp to get to the mailbox.)

Anyway, stepping outside in the bright sun just made me so damn happy today that I resolved to take a picture of it — a picture I could share with those in a colder, drearier climate. A picture that would make me smile in January.

Well, I’m still learning how to properly take a “big” picture. I mean, what I got was fine, but then I was distracted by all the butterflies in my front yard, and, well, I think this picture is far more likely to make me smile.

Flutter on, butterfly. Mi jardin es su jardin.

An apt reminder not to get too terribly caught up in the big picture, you know?