I love shiny, sparkly things. A lot. I’m basically a magpie, is what I’m saying.

But oh dear god, can I tell you how much I hate removing sparkly nail polish? I mean, I actually left some on my toes for the last two weeks, even though it was chipped and looked awful, simply because I knew what a pain in the ass removing it was going to be.

Now that it’s off, all I can think about it how pretty it would look if I did it all over again fresh. (Because it really is pretty when it’s not chipped and gross.) Not only am I a magpie, but apparently, I’m also some sort of nail polish masochist.

I know somebody out there has a tip or trick or extra sandblaster for getting the sparkles off. Please share, because, seriously, I just used about a box of tissues and am halfway to needing an elbow replacement. Halp!