I’m thankful that our families came to stay with us this Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that I don’t have to work today. I’m thankful that nobody expected me to go shopping with them (or for them) on Black Friday (oh god, I’m shuddering just thinking about it). I’m thankful that there’s plenty of wine leftover, though since I bought a case, I’m not exactly surprised.

And I’m still thankful for my fun new camera.

I'm thankful that Jared handles the frying of the turkey.

I'm thankful for CityMama's jalepeno corn pudding recipe (and I'm not the only one).

I'm thankful that my family and friends don't give me a hard time for having lots of veggie-friendly side dishes.

I'm thankful that there are leftovers in the fridge.

I'm thankful that everybody had a great time.

I'm thankful that my parents have a new kitty. Meet Tebow.

I'm thankful that Mom and Dad get to dogsit for this sweet lug, Zach. He and I went running. I'm not sure it was pretty, but it was a good time.

I’m also thankful to have this little blog. I love the outlet it provides me, and I love that it allows me to share with those I know and those I don’t. And I love that it’s little enough that it doesn’t really matter that I haven’t posted every day this month.

What are you feeling thankful for?