When I was little, I had a Big Bird easel and several sets of watercolors. It was set up in a room in the front of the house, near a big window, presumably so I had good lighting (but also because that kept my mess out of any areas where most people would go).  My grandma even had one of my better works framed.

(And by “one of my better works,” of course I mean it was a inadvertently abstract green blob, as toddlers are wont to create.)

Last weekend, I picked up the brush again. But this time, I had a glass of wine in the other hand. Much better.

Girls night out with paint and wine. Yes, please.

Seriously, is this not the coolest concept? This studio (Corks and Colors, for those in Gainesville) provides you a canvas, paints, brushes, etc, as well as some basic instruction — I mean, it’s not exactly an art class, but you get a bit of guidance — and you bring the wine and snacks. We kept it pretty basic, but there were a couple of groups of girls who pretty much brought a full-on party spread. I brought baby carrots in a bag. (I’m sure they were just as delicious as those fancy canapes.)

Step by step (by step). And voila! A masterpiece!

It’s not likely I’m going to be stopped on the street with offers to buy my fabulous work of art, only partly because, like, I don’t carry it around with me for potential art collectors to view. But it was fun, and it turns out I really enjoyed getting some creative energy out, and it was a great excuse for a night out with the girls.

Final product. No laughing.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll actually take an art class one of these days and, you know, learn to really paint!

What are your favorite fun night out activities?