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When I read a book, I’m generally more interested in the characters and the writing itself than in the plot, which is why I end up reading books from every genre. It doesn’t matter what the characters do or where they are so long as I find myself invested, you know?

That explains my approach to which blogs I read, too. My Google Reader has a mix of everything — fashion and beauty, fitness, sports, pets, parenting (yes, really), food, green, travel, photography, design, humor, entertaining, and then, you know, whatever else there is out there. But they all have one thing in common — they’re constantly interesting and well-written, and, more often than not, I walk away feeling like I not only know the person writing it, but I care about them.

(Is that weird? Wait, don’t tell me — I don’t think I want to know if it is.)

Of course, when the old Reader regularly shows my unread posts at 1000+, I have to narrow down which ones I want to read and which ones I can skim or skip. That decision is tough, I won’t lie, but there are several blogs that, when I see they have a new post, I truly get excited and click over to read right away. Here are five of them.


I don’t know if there’s ever been a post on Metalia that hasn’t made me smile like a fool. What else would you expect from a girl who writes a rap about “Twilight?” Not to mention the fact that a large portion of my Jewish (well, half-Jewish) husband’s understanding of his culture comes from her Ask a Jew posts.

holly burns and kristen seymour

And when you get to MEET the writers of your favorite blogs, even better!

Nothing But Bonfires

Holly Burns is one of the best writers I know — her blog is effortlessly witty and charming and funny, especially if you read it in a delightful British accent (which she absolutely has).  She’s phenomenally well-traveled and has an amazing eye for crafts and decorating, which explains why I was probably more excited for her to move into her new house than I was to move into mine. (Well, that and the fact that, when Holly moved, I didn’t have to lift any boxes or eat on the floor.)

The Working Closet

As much as I love fancy, glossy fashion magazines, I honestly find myself more inspired by Susan Wagner’s blog. She makes being fashion forward really accessible, including pictures of what she wears each day (well, most days, anyway), offers advice and answers style questions, and posts updates to her Life List and the occasional story about her kids or her newest hobby, running.

Effing the Ineffable

I love a great success story, and Kate O. certainly qualifies. Watching her become a vegan, then a runner, then a marathon finisher has been amazing — knowing that she lost 100 pounds in the meantime is just frosting on the (vegan) cake. Add to that the fact that she’s an English professor at a major university (though she doesn’t talk about her students now that she’s no longer posting anonymously), a talented photographer, and loves her dog, and it’s clear why I’m such a fan.

Design for Mankind

When it comes to design, I only know enough to know what I do and don’t like. Don’t ask me to give you reasons why. That’s part of why I love Erin Loechner’s blog — I don’t necessarily “get” everything she posts, and I don’t always know why something should be considered beautiful or cool or stylish, but I love that she includes such an amazing array of aesthetic indulgences every day. I’m partial to her Life List updates and love that she’s started posting personal posts more often — she’s a delight to read, and she always responds to comments with a kind word, which makes me smile every. single. time.

Who are your favorite bloggers? Who should I be reading? What blogs make you squeal with delight when you see that there’s a new post? (Other than Jeez-o-petes, of course …)

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