This time of year is why I live in Florida. We’ve had several weeks of amazing, sunny (but not too hot!) days, meaning my non-work time has been filled with charity kickball tournaments, bike rides (yes! I learned how to ride my bike!), outdoor lunches, swimming, and trips to the dog park. In short, it’s been amazing.

It’s also been a little overwhelming, as I’ve been pushing other things to the side in order to have a little extra play time. And then, factor in the fact that I’m spending an hour a day or so on tri training, and this time of year is when I start doing a lot of work for the Puppy Hill Farm gala, and, well, it’s a lot. And then I went and scheduled things for almost every night this week, and … well, I cried today. No real reason. Or a million reasons, depending on how you look at it.

The crying couldn’t feel more stupid, though — the things on my plate have all been fun things that I look forward to, and it’s not like I’m falling all that far behind in anything but housekeeping, which, if we’re all being honest, isn’t exactly my strong suit to begin with so you probably can’t even tell the difference. I know that tomorrow (or even tonight, most likely), I’ll be back to my normal happy, chipper self, but for the time being … I’m just not.

But! You know what cheers me up? Cute kitty pictures. And we just got a cool new thing to review (don’t worry, I’ll cover it on Paw Nation in the coming weeks), and Meeko is adorable. So, enjoy! And tell me what makes you feel happy when your body is trying to be sad.

Meeko Sunny Seat

Meeko Sunny Seat