It’s funny how celebrity deaths hit me. When I saw the news about Elizabeth Taylor the other day, I actually teared up. I mean, it’s not like I was her biggest fan or anything — I’ve always been intrigued by the stories about her, and amazed by her collections of jewelry and husbands, and inspired by her charity work, but if you asked me to name a quote from one of her movies, well, I don’t know if I could do it.

However, it was a different story when Michael Jackson died. I sobbed like a baby. For one thing, I was well into a bottle of wine, sitting on the back porch with Jared, checking Twitter on my phone when I got the news. But mainly, it hit me so hard because so much of my childhood was set to his music. I remember going to the record store with my mom and getting the “Bad” cassette right after it came out. We played it all the way home from the mall. Within days, I knew all the words, and within a week or two, I had choreographed dances to most of the songs. (I had already done this with “Thriller,” of course.) The Michael in my mind is the man in those music videos; the man who blew us away with his inventive dance moves and signature look, including the white glove.

The instructions suggest not playing while wearing The Glove. I suggest ignoring the directions.

Well, put together my love of Michael Jackson and how much I like to dance, especially in my own home, and you can imagine that I was thrilled to have a chance to check out Michael Jackson The Experience for Wii. (The fact that it comes with a rhinestone-encrusted glove is just icing.)

In theory, it’s a party game, but in this household, well, Jared and I are pretty good at having a party all by ourselves. (Hush, I don’t mean it that way. Minds out of the gutter, kiddies.) We started out a little bit skeptical — the choreographer warm-up was, well, nothing the do the moonwalk about, for sure, but after jumping into the dancing,  we were sold.

There are 26 songs available, each labeled as easy, medium, hard, or an option where you can follow Michael or his backup dancers at different levels in the case of some songs. Jared was content to let me do my own thing until he saw “Thriller,” at which point we made it a 2-player game (up to 4 can play). We danced, we laughed, and we sweated — and not only because it’s almost 80 degrees in Florida right now.

What’s cool is that no dance experience is really required to participate — Jared and I had really close scores in “Thriller,” despite my years of dance classes and the fact that he’s never taken a lesson in his life. And you can make it as intense and workout-y as you want. After five songs, I had sweat dripping in places that, following Michael’s moves on-screen, I should’ve been grabbing. But you could certainly go easier than I did and still have a great time.

I know this game is really marketed at families with kids, but to be honest, I really can’t wait to have a few of my girlfriends over, open a couple bottles of wine, and bust this out. Especially now that I’m starting to unlock some of the choreographer lessons, which provide tips on how to actually perform the moves, rather than just shake and gyrate your way through faking them.

(Although, you know, if you want to fake your way through, you won’t hear a peep from me!)

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